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   Oct 22

The Dreaded Cacophony

Female Cuban treefrogs can attain a length of more than 5 inches.
I had been told for years that the ”Dreaded Cacophony” was coming. And about 12 years ago it finally got here. The “dreaded cacophony” had become a reality. I think it was first heard in Alachua County, FL in a tiny temporary runoff puddle by the post office. Then, that same year it a second cacophony was heard a few miles away in an even smaller puddle at the entrance of a subdivision. The noises sounded like a series of rivet guns badly in need of oiling. The next year it was heard from a couple of more ponds and the year following from still more. The cacophonists were here and it seemed they were here, despite winters that were a lot colder than those where they had evolved, to stay.

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