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   Aug 29

chris lanham's Blog – help id my turtle please

hi i got these to turtles from a friend and now i need to know what kind they are if yyou can id post a comment leting me know thanks …read more Read more here: Turtle Times No products found. Amazon Auto Links

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   Aug 03

snickersnocker11's Blog – our turtle has passed

A couple hours later my dad said that my friend had come over and said that the turtle was dead it had lots all motion in its body and did not respond to a touch so the turtle did die it had a couple hours of life and now he’s gone. he’s in a better […]

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   Aug 02

megan30paige's Blog – PLEASE HELP

Someone please help me out. so i got my baby red eared slider about a week or so ago shipped to me. he barely ate when he first got here and i figured hes just being a normal shy turtle. well now i have a real problem. he will not open his eyes theyre puffy […]

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